Monday, 31 January 2011

The Blood Angels descend once more

The Blood angels made planet-fall last night to eliminate a rebellious Imperial guard war host.  2000pts, sieze ground, dawn of war.  IG went first I reserved everything, opponent brought all his stuff on in turn 1, my drop pod with blood talon furioso came in on my opponents flank behind a russ and imobilised it.  My speeder and attack bike turbo-boosted behind cover.

Turn two, opponent moved toward some objectives and shot a battle cannon at the speeder and attack bike taking te speeder down, everything else that could, shot at the dread doing nothing.  My turn 2 dante and the SG arrived with a unit of assault marines on the IG left flank behind the other russ and exploded it with infernus pistols, a tac squad in rhino moved flat out to behind cover and on and objective, then sat back to read the paper.  Another assalt sqd with SP dropped in my half of the board and ran. The talon furioso took the battle cannon from the russ.

Turn 3 IG did some shooting but inflicted no major losses. I started the combats, wiping out some roug riders and a heavy weapons squad and finally wrecked the russ on the right flank.

turn 4 opponent assaulted with Strachan and his hq aided by another squad of guard.  This combat lasted until the end of the game.  The IG had some effective shooting taking out assault marines but that was the extent of the damage.  My blood talon furioso assaulted a unit of guard, killing them all before running out of attacks.  In the middle I multi assaulted 3 units with the remnants of the assault sqd, an attack bike and full SG with dante, i killed lots but they did not brake due to commisar.

Game ended at the end of turn 5 as my opponent had 1 russ, a guardsman fighting a dread and one unit of guard fleeing towards the blood talon furioso.

BA win 2 objectives to 0.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dan Abnett Book signing in Leeds

Ok so today I took a trip to Leeds with some friends to get some things signed by Dan Abnett. Here are some pics:

We also gave our names for possible cannon fodder in one of his future books. 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

40k Nation

I am now a member of 40k Nation and am looking to start a 40k nation club chapter for Hull and East yorkshire. Anyone wishing to become a member of the Hull and East Yorkshire chapter should visit and register,then enter a post on the appropriate thread.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Construction continues

Check out the titan foundry for update photos of my warhound titan.