Tuesday, 22 February 2011

One more thing

Here's a nice pic of my army list from the Yorkshire Open, taken by the guys a Hulls Angels

Interesting ideas

Ok so with the release of the Grey Kinghts codex creeping ever closer and the roumor mill suggesting that there wll be lots of psychers and psychic abilities.  Together with probable plastic kits coming out, I had the idea of making a pre-heresy thousand sons army.  The idea behind the army is that it will be easily played as many space marine chapters, offering a lot of flexibility and fun.  There is also a good chance that I will sell it too after a short while.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Close but no cigar

Well after a long wait I finally another tournament under my belt.  The first game of the day was against a dual lash list.  All was going to plan regarding set up and deployment, as I got the 2nd turm and reserved everything.  Deployment was DOW and mission was cap and con.  After 5 turns of fighting the blood angels were victorius by controling their own and contesting the enemys.  The stormraven didn't do much this game, killing wise, but it did help me control my objective.

Game 2 was spearhead deployment and sieze ground with 5 objectives.  My opponent was using an ork army containing 2 warbosses on bikes in 2 units of nobz on bikes.  Usual set up for me, reserve everything.  Right at the start the furioso did what it does best.  After only stunning a battle wagon the turn it arrived it was assaulted in my opponents turn, 2 units of boys, 1 10 strong 1 15 strong.  The furioso killed about 9 boyz from the 15 strong unit and taking no damage in return, both units broke and fled off the board.  It also destroyed the battle wagon and a killa can and immobilising another before being wrecked.  Game ended turn 5 with BA's holding 3 objectives to the orks 1.

Game 3 was pitched battle, anniahlation.  Another ork opponent, again a warboss on bike with nobz on bikes, 6 killa cans 1 def dred, 2 battle wagons and more. this game was bloody and hard.  The BA's
were on the back foot after loosing 2 kill points in one go as my furioso in drop pod scattered off the table and I rolled a 2 on the mishap table.  My fixation on killing my opponents def dread cost me Dante and the SG.  A lesson learned there I feel.  after the game ended the score was 9 to 6 in favour of the orks.

This was a fun day for me and I look forward to getting back in the fight asap.  Dispite my first 2 wins my over agression in the last game cost me a place in the finals at wakefield.  But know this, I will not be denied again!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Stormraven done

Check out my finished stormraven.  Or at least for now anyway, the armour plates still need blending, but that an wait until after the tournament.