Friday, 25 March 2011

Sorry about the inactivity

So, I have not been up to much in the way of painting lately but I have been gaming and should have a few more battle reports on my youtube account over the next few days.  The rest of my time has been taken up with university work.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

2k Game BA's vs IG

A fun game to be sure dispite the losses of useful units like the stormraven and furioso, the mission was capture and control, deployment was DoW.  IG took the first turn, my first mistake came on turn 1 when I forgot to bring most of my forces on.  The main battle took place in the center of the IG line as I looked to destroy my opponents troop choices.  The battle was going my way but due to my lust for blood I left the enemy objective un-claimed which stopped me from taking the win as the game ended turn 5.
BA objective not claimed
IG objective not claimed

Game result: Draw