Thursday, 7 June 2012


Ok so it's been quite some time since I have posted anything, so here's some news.  I have just got a small commission to paint an Ent, I'll be putting some pics of the finished product up. 

If anyone has something they need painting for a reasonable price just get in touch and we can discuss.

Until next time keep gaming, keep painting and let the dice roll!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another 2 games

The first game tonight was against the retribution player who gave me a good kicking last time we played, the second was against a player I have not played against before and did not get his name.  Both games were played at 25pts however I could only field 24pts.

Game 1 vs Khador, killing fields scenario with disapearing objective.  The Khador caster was Zerkova another caster I had not yet faced..
Turn 2, Men, errants ran to attempt to claim the right objective after the centre one vanished.  gravus advanced into a counter charge position, bastions ran to the centre of the field and kreoss sent the jacks to the left to take care of the reavers.  Kha, the great bears charged the senechal and killed him (I forgot about call to sacrifice), reavers charged the crusader and caused heavy damage.  The rest of this game turned into a real slugfest, ending with my opponent conceding after his turn with his caster on about 1 health box after taking a single hit from a bastion and being surrounded by 3 more of them and a repenter.

Game 2 vs Mercs, scenario throwdown, the merc caster was one that gave his models a 3" move with pathfinder.  The pirates proved to be a tricky lot with numerous different buffs given by solos, He as the first feat so I responded in kind killing all but a few pg's and taking care of his jacks with the crusader and the bastions.  Even though I was in a strong position the game could not be finished due to time constraints and a rematch is on the cards for next week, lets see if I can continue with my recent run of good results against the pirates shananigans.

Monday, 12 September 2011

2 more warmachine battles

On Sunday night ekreoss and his menite force took to the field to battle caine and then karchev.  Both battles were moshpit scenario and menoth to go first in both games and to save space and time the first turns will not be covered. 35 points

Game 1: A bit concerned about this one as Luke was using a battle engine
Turn 2 Men, advanced the errant senescal and shot at the black 13th but missed, the errants shot at the guys with halberds and electro leap killing all but about 3 of them.  The bastions took up positions and spread out, the repenter advanced and flamed a couple of the same guys, crusader advanced into position, gravus re-positioned himself to a reserve position. Choir advanced and sang no non magikal shooting, vassel put enliven on the crusader, kreoss upkept sacrosanct and invioble resolve and camped on 5 focus.  Cyg, battle engine advanced and shot the bastions doing light damage and killing a mechanik with electro leap.  Luke forgetting to alocate focus to his shooty jack did not help ether.  the remaining halberdiers attacked the repenter taking out its cortex and flail, the black 13th shot at the errants killing them and being knocked down, his other heavy advanced, caine cast a spell on the heavy preventing models from charging it.
Turn 3 Men, I made this the feat turn but it turned out to be wasted, kreoss advanced and poped his feat after putting 3 focus on the crusader, crusader trampled toward the cygnar heavy for the extra 3 inches and hit it 3 times with his mace, the bastions advanced and killed the last of the halberdiers, enliven on the crusader, gravus charged the light shooty kack but was out of range.  Cyg, storm caller moved and fried my errant senescal with lightning, battle engine shot at bastions again and the crusadre but missed and hit his own jack doing no damage, caine moved and popped his feat and did supprisingly little damage,  his heavy hit the crusader which enlivened away.
Turn 4Men, time to end it since the only 2 cygnar models he had in the moshpit were the battle engine and his heavy.  So to start the crusader slammed the cygnar heavy into the battle engine doing substantial colateral damage, the repenter moved round the side to attempt a spray at caine, the bastions charged the battle engine followed by kreoss who finished it off, then gravus charged the downed jack finishing it of using the souls from his dead comrades.

Game 3 vs karchev
This game did not last 3 turns as I conceded at the end of nicks turn 2 due to him killing both my jacks and 4/5 bastions with his 4 heavy jacks.

Good game guys, I'll have to go against that karchev list again sometime.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

More fun and games

The protectorate bloodied the battlefield twice tonight and both were brutal encounters.  First up, a doubles game pitting menoth (epic kreoss as usual) and an unlikely ally in  cygnar and siege, vs the brute force of khador with pbutcher and circle with kromac.  The second game was against alan and his legion of monkyblight.

Game 1: Scenario, big circle in the middle, one point for controllong it, first to three wins or all opposing casters are dead, circle and khador to go first.
Turn 1
Usual moving and running
Turn 2
C+K, more advancing and positioning, some shooting fron khador at my cygnar ally the stalker took out the repenter and ran back out of the way. M+C, repenter ran to the very edge of the objective and in the face of a number of jacks and warbeasts stood its ground and  raised its shield, gravus advanced into a better position to look for opportunities.  siege began his shooting match with the khadorans, repenter, crusader and kreoss just advanced.
Turn 3
C+K, kromac sent his stalker out to eat gravus, who strayed a little too far forward, 'oh what big teeth you aaaaaahhh!!' this triggered warpath on the gnarlhorn which slammed the revenger out of the circle and was then wailed on by a khadoran heavy, suffering suprisingly light damage due to some bad dice and the arm 19.  score 1-1.  M+C, this turn we had to hit hard to kill as many warbeasts and jacks as possible so siege advanced, poped his feat and cast some spells doing dammage, then casting a spell that slammed one of the khadoran heavies into the gnarlhorn knocking them both down,  the cygnar jacks shot the khador heavies almost to death. kreoss then joined in the fun by popping his feat and watching the carnage of stacked feats, the crusader beat the stalker to death, the revenger stood up and lived up to its name by finnishing off the khador heavy.
Turn 4
C+K, pbutcher joined the fray popping his feat and charging in to kill a cygnar jack on the objective clearing it ending the turn with a score of 2-1.  M+C, both casters charged into butcher ending him but exposing themselves dangerously, the crusader ran to get in the face of the crusader to force him to fight or risk a free strike.
Cir, with butcher dead kromac went feral and changed to beast form advanced away and evaded the free strike, then leapt to where siege and kreoss were stood, first targeting siege and killing him, he then popped his feat and began attacking kreoss leaving him with one health after numerous rolls of less than 6 on two dice. Men, Kreoss finished kromac with one swing of the justifyer after.

Thanks for the fantastic game guys I really enjoyed it.

Game 2
Not gonna be a long one this so here go's, another hard battle with a lot of killing on both sides, it was kreoss's feat turn however that changed the tide by killing the warbeasts.   Alan went for the assasination attempt but failed, kreoss charged and missed with his charge attack but hit with the back-swing doing exactly 15 damage killing her.

Thanks for the game alan.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hulll vs York tourney

Carnage littered many battle fields yesterday as Hull warmachine invaded York.  It was a fun day despite the results, which went as I expected them to.  My first game of the day was against pSkarre and a horde of infantry and for some reason we had to fight over two big circles in the middle of the field.  This game started well as I began to destroy swathes of infantry at a time and was feeling confident, until skarre poped her feat cutting herself for 5.  this was the turn that bastions started to die due to the +5 strength and my opponent managed to snatch a single control point which ended up winning the game for him due to the "dice down" being called during my retaliation turn, much to my annoyance. 

Gaame 2 was a bit of a mirror match as my opponent was using pkreoss, a nasty list with 2 rekoners and 2 vassels.  This mission was a very strange one as to score a control point your caster had to be within 4" of a small flag near the edge of the board and control a large circle in the centre.  This game began much in the same way with me killing much of my opponents army.  The only mistake I made was trying to shoot the 2 rekoners with the errants crossbows in an attempt to trigger enliven, when I should have just charged them in.  Anyway, after I killed lots on my feat turn to control the centre I found kreoss to be 0.5" or less from the edge objective so no control points for me.  My opponent responded with an assasination run on pkreoss's feat turn, killing ekreoss with the remaining rekoner after causing some damage with an errant.

Game 3 had me vs skorne, a faction I have played against once before (but was against a bit of a noob).  Against this vet I simply got owned by stupid tactics that yoyo'd a nasty charachter across the field to kill loads and run back without fear of free strikes or retaliation next turn.  This game also ended with an assasination with a bronzeback slamming my vanquisher, knocking down kreoss and finnishing him off with the same silly character as the first turn. 

Game 4, skourne again (joy), different caster but same sort of dirty tricks, game ended dice down before I could even get a turn 3 in, with my opponent again scoring only a single control point to claim the win.

by the end of the 3rd game it had stopped being fun, mainly due to people just going for the caster kill instead of going for the scenario, leaving me feeling much like a whipping boy for vets with their lists specifically built to go for caster kills (not very sportsman like if you ask me), which beggs the question: What is the point in even playing scenarios when this is the case?  We may aswell have just played assasination games and had done with it.  However I felt better once it was all over, sharing a car home with three other players that lost all four games to and having a good laugh about it all.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

More pre-tournament practice

Two games tonight, the first was against a player who I've only seen once before, last time I saw him he was fielding mercs but this time he had retribution.  The second was against another of the guys (who's name I dont know) who is going to York and his cygnar (seige).

Game 1:25pts I did not fancy my chances one bit against this opponent, knowing he is a vetran player and using a faction I had not faced before.  So I expected to get my ass handed to me quickly.
Round 1, Same old story, moving casting spells blah blah blah.

Round 2, ret, In this turn my opponent began systematicaly destroying my errants, this game stopped being fun as I found myself just removing models and being in no position to counter.  Men, attempted to burn a solo with a stupid 4" melee range and was out by 1", I also threw away my feat with only one bastion getting any benefit which was undone next turn as the damage was healed.

Round 3: Ret, things going from bad to worse, my opponent could smell blood and went in for the kill,  there was me thinking kreoss will be ok hiding behind that crusader, turns out I was wrong, very wrong, lirrle did I know his caster had acrobatics and arcane assasin(thats right you heard me), so the 3 focus I kept on kreoss meant nothing and the game ended there.

Game 2: Not looking forward to this one much ether, I've heard plenty of horror stories about siege, and this was a tournement list, where I was playing with what I had at hand and a couple of pieces borrowed from nick.
Round 1:  You know what happens.
Round 2:Cyg, all kinds of tricks, shooting and spell casting and taking objectives. Men, choir sang battle to give the repenter and the crusader +2 +2, enliven on the crusader.  Errants shot at the infantry on the objectives killing only a coulpe, the repenter advanced and flamed the infantry in a foxhole killing three. Gravus charged in killing more infantry and contesting an objective, the crusader advanced to within 6 of ol rowdy and took the counter charge, taking damage and triggering enliven to get me within 4" of another objective and continued to smash ol rowdy causing heavy dammage which was finished off by the bastions.
Round 3:Cyg, siege brought the pain this turn by popping his feat, it basicly gives everyone armour piercing attacks for their first attack.  This took out my repenter and left the crusader on about three boxes left, the bastions also took significant damage and just to rub salt into the wounds eyris (or however you spell it) shot kreoss to stop him getting focus.  Men, in retaliation I decided to advance kreoss and pop his feat catching siege in his control area, one lone bastion made it to siege and killed him in two hits.

Good game.