Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bad news

Sadly there will be no more blog entries for a while as I have to move house and find work.  But stay tuned as I will be back on as soon as I can.

Peace out!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Good Fight Good Night!

Dispite the suprisingly poor turn-out of just 4 players tonight, being myself, Alan, Mart and (oh crap I can't remember his name, I want to say Mike or Lee but just don't know), I enjoyed 2 games against different cryx casters.  My first game was a battle box game vs Mart who was using Denegra with those stupid bone chickens and the slayer jack.  I won the first turn and decided to try a tactic I picked up on youtube.
This game ended in a turn 3 assasination by Kreoss popping his feat and knocking everyone down and double tapping immolation through the arc node on the revenger.

The second game against sky marshal anonymo, was a 12pt game vs Goreshade.  This game was a real chess match, trading piece for piece in a battle of attrition.  In the final rounds I had a crusader with one box left which just happened to be an arm, one choir boy and a lightly damaged repenter.  I pulled out all the stops but in the end it was a series of bad dice rolls by my opponent that saved me. Kreoss with 3 health left put 3 focus on the repenter and kept 4, it was Kreoss himself that struck the final blow.

Good Games!