Friday, 24 June 2011

Warmachine Pics

Check out my Warmachine page for some pics of what I have painted so far.

The experience of painting white from my Luna Wolves army did come in handy for these minis.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another Warmachine Battle

Tonights game was against the same 12pt Cryxx army as the first game last night with the caster that summons more models and comes back to life with 1pt of health after you kill him.

Turn 1: Men, I got to go first and did the usual run moves and buffs. Cry, ran jacks, poped feat bringing more models and casting spell for stealth.

Turn 2: Men, 2 focus on crusader, 1 on repenter. Revenger moved into position to channel the 3" AOE at the summoned unit (shot missed when the caster activated), repenter also moved to the side to flame spray the summoned unit (I forgot about the benifits of the choir (Battle) and only killed one of the 5 under the template with a boosted to hit roll. Crusader moved into range saving focus for extra attacks on the summoned unit killing 3 leaving 2 summoned enemies left. Cry, Incorporial solo ran through the revenger ending in melee range of it for a 3rd turn charge at Kreoss, the 2 left from the summoned unit charged a choir boy and the repenter doing no or light damage. Enemy jack with a harpoon shot the crusader and pulled it in and proceeded to deal plenty of damage, next the second enemy jack charged in to finnish the crusader off, crippling movement and cortex but the weapons still intact. Finally the caster moved up on my right.

Turn 3: Men, under pressure I had to be bold, choir sang battle again and moved away, Revenger walked out of combat with the incorporial solo to attack one of the summoned models, taking no damage from the free strike, and killed it, repenter finished off the last of the summoned unit, the crusader in its death throes caused moderate damage to one jack with the open fist and causeing light damage to the other but scoring a crit fire hit setting it ablaze. Finaly Kreoss charged the incorporial solo with a bunch of focus and killing him, he then cast defenders ward on himself. Cry, the fire continued to cause damage to the jack crippling its right arm (sweet), 2 jacks moved up, one fired its harpoon at the revenger, but due to the defence 12 it missed by 1. the caster charged the repenter in the rear doing lots of damage crippling its movement and flame thrower.

Turn 4: Men, Three focus on repenter, choir sang battle on the repenter, revenger moved to within 8" for arc node. Kreoss advanced and poped his feat putting all enemies down, he then cast immolation at this familiar type model and missed (forgot she was nocked down). Finally the repenter activated and killed the enemy caster with 2 strikes, then killed him again with the final point of focus.

Yay, first win for the Menites. Good game!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

More Warmachine madness

Three more 12pt games of warmachine tonight at Hulls Angels.  The first two were against Cryxx, the first time playing against Cryxx so I was not sure what to expect.  I was using pKreoss, a Repenter, a Revenger and a Crusader, supported by a choir.  I cant remember the casters used by my opponent, but the feat brought a unit onto the board.  In this game Kreoss went down at about turn 3/4 due to sneaky shananigans with spells allowing units (namely a jack) to move through enemy models, getting a charge and ending the game.

Game two was against the same opponent but different caster who's feat reduces all stats by 2.  In this game I put up a better fight but still lost to the more experienced opponent. Good game.

Game three was against Luke the organiser of Warmachine Wednesday, again being more experienced than I am, I was expecting to get owned again.  Luke was using his Cygnar with Caine as his caster.  After the last battle against him I was well aware of what Caine could do.  I won the first turn this game and took it, the turn was the usual running with the jacks after using the choir to grant them passage and Kreoss then moved and cast defenders ward on the Repenter.  Luke did pretty much the same thing. 
Turn 2: Men, one focus on the Repenter, the rest went on Kreoss.  The choir activated first and sang Battle on the jacks, Revenger advanced forward in an attempt to use immolation through its arc node which turned out to be out of range, the repenter activated next advancing and hitting both enemy jacks causing light to no damage but setting them on fire.  The crusader advenced a little to support the repenter.  Kreoss went last, moved and put defenders ward on crusader.  Cyg, I cant remember much of Cyg turn 2 except two jacks charging the repenter and taking out his right arm and movement. 
Turn 3 Men, choir sang battle again, with one focus on the Revenger it charged an enemy light jack and did moderate damage staying just over 1" away using reach.  Next Kreoss advanced and poped his feat knocking all enemies down, he then cast immolation through the arc node on Caine and boosted the damage looking for the caster kill.  However it was not meant to be as I rolled 1 damage short of the kill.  The repenter still with its working flamer burned the two enemy jacks causing light damage and causing fire.  The Crusader with 2 focus charged the downd light jack, caused lots of damage and then used its last point of focus to pick up and throw the light jack at Caine but it scattered away from him.  The thrown jack was destroyed and caused no further collateral damage.  Cyg, mostly things getting back up, however Caine used a focus to shake knockdown, moved and poped his feat, killing all of the choir and putting light damage on the jacks and moderate damage with a good roll against Kreoss.  This was followed by Caine using his regular shooting helped with a bunch of focus, shot down Kreoss again. 

This game was great fun and as close as you can get, good game Luke, I'll get you one day!!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

First Warmachine Battle

So I had my first game of Warmachine tonight, the faction I have chosen to play is The Protectorate of Menoth.  Tonights game was a 12 point battle using the starter box which contains High Exemplar Kreoss, a Revenger light jack, a Crusader heavy jack and the other jack (cant remember the name) with flamer and flail.  I also had a Choir.  My opponent was the organiser of Warmachine wednesday (also forgot his name), he was using Cygnar, I dont know his list but his caster was kaine (I think).

Round 1: Cygnar went first, the first turn for both players just involved alot of running and buffing.

Round 2: Cyg, lots of shooting at my buffed Crusader jack causing relatively light damage, Then his jack attacked my crusader again causing light damage. Men, Choir moved and then buffed the crusader with +2 to attack and damage rolls (i forgot this also). Advanced the revenger on the left, then the flamer jack moved and fired at the jack in the bushes causing minor damage but setting it on fire.  Next Kreoss moved forward, poped his feat (knocking all enemies in his control zone down) and cast a 3" AOE spell at another jack causing some damage and setting it on fire, Finally the Crusader attacked the jack it was in combat with and left it with one box left.

Round 3: Cyg, with people on the floor and fire burning my opponent went for the throat, activating his caster, moving and firing his pistols at Kreoss, after using all his focus took him out and won the game. 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Back to Fantasy

Ok so I'm going to work some more on my Warriors of Chaos army for a while, painting new models and re-painting some old ones.  Check out my warhammer fantasy page for some pics.