Monday, 12 September 2011

2 more warmachine battles

On Sunday night ekreoss and his menite force took to the field to battle caine and then karchev.  Both battles were moshpit scenario and menoth to go first in both games and to save space and time the first turns will not be covered. 35 points

Game 1: A bit concerned about this one as Luke was using a battle engine
Turn 2 Men, advanced the errant senescal and shot at the black 13th but missed, the errants shot at the guys with halberds and electro leap killing all but about 3 of them.  The bastions took up positions and spread out, the repenter advanced and flamed a couple of the same guys, crusader advanced into position, gravus re-positioned himself to a reserve position. Choir advanced and sang no non magikal shooting, vassel put enliven on the crusader, kreoss upkept sacrosanct and invioble resolve and camped on 5 focus.  Cyg, battle engine advanced and shot the bastions doing light damage and killing a mechanik with electro leap.  Luke forgetting to alocate focus to his shooty jack did not help ether.  the remaining halberdiers attacked the repenter taking out its cortex and flail, the black 13th shot at the errants killing them and being knocked down, his other heavy advanced, caine cast a spell on the heavy preventing models from charging it.
Turn 3 Men, I made this the feat turn but it turned out to be wasted, kreoss advanced and poped his feat after putting 3 focus on the crusader, crusader trampled toward the cygnar heavy for the extra 3 inches and hit it 3 times with his mace, the bastions advanced and killed the last of the halberdiers, enliven on the crusader, gravus charged the light shooty kack but was out of range.  Cyg, storm caller moved and fried my errant senescal with lightning, battle engine shot at bastions again and the crusadre but missed and hit his own jack doing no damage, caine moved and popped his feat and did supprisingly little damage,  his heavy hit the crusader which enlivened away.
Turn 4Men, time to end it since the only 2 cygnar models he had in the moshpit were the battle engine and his heavy.  So to start the crusader slammed the cygnar heavy into the battle engine doing substantial colateral damage, the repenter moved round the side to attempt a spray at caine, the bastions charged the battle engine followed by kreoss who finished it off, then gravus charged the downed jack finishing it of using the souls from his dead comrades.

Game 3 vs karchev
This game did not last 3 turns as I conceded at the end of nicks turn 2 due to him killing both my jacks and 4/5 bastions with his 4 heavy jacks.

Good game guys, I'll have to go against that karchev list again sometime.


  1. No worries Chris, you'll get to beat on Karchev at some point mate!

    Take solace in the fact Cryx do rude things to him in the Wrath fiction!

  2. Gave me a sound pasting there Chris but it was a good game. Your antishooting hymn gives you great protection from the storm strider and you did very well by ignoring it until the turn you intended to take it out.

    eKreoss seems a much tougher nut to crack than pKreoss - that or you can operate him whilst saving more focus to boost his armour.

    I'll get you next time!