Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another 2 games

The first game tonight was against the retribution player who gave me a good kicking last time we played, the second was against a player I have not played against before and did not get his name.  Both games were played at 25pts however I could only field 24pts.

Game 1 vs Khador, killing fields scenario with disapearing objective.  The Khador caster was Zerkova another caster I had not yet faced..
Turn 2, Men, errants ran to attempt to claim the right objective after the centre one vanished.  gravus advanced into a counter charge position, bastions ran to the centre of the field and kreoss sent the jacks to the left to take care of the reavers.  Kha, the great bears charged the senechal and killed him (I forgot about call to sacrifice), reavers charged the crusader and caused heavy damage.  The rest of this game turned into a real slugfest, ending with my opponent conceding after his turn with his caster on about 1 health box after taking a single hit from a bastion and being surrounded by 3 more of them and a repenter.

Game 2 vs Mercs, scenario throwdown, the merc caster was one that gave his models a 3" move with pathfinder.  The pirates proved to be a tricky lot with numerous different buffs given by solos, He as the first feat so I responded in kind killing all but a few pg's and taking care of his jacks with the crusader and the bastions.  Even though I was in a strong position the game could not be finished due to time constraints and a rematch is on the cards for next week, lets see if I can continue with my recent run of good results against the pirates shananigans.

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