Wednesday, 7 September 2011

More fun and games

The protectorate bloodied the battlefield twice tonight and both were brutal encounters.  First up, a doubles game pitting menoth (epic kreoss as usual) and an unlikely ally in  cygnar and siege, vs the brute force of khador with pbutcher and circle with kromac.  The second game was against alan and his legion of monkyblight.

Game 1: Scenario, big circle in the middle, one point for controllong it, first to three wins or all opposing casters are dead, circle and khador to go first.
Turn 1
Usual moving and running
Turn 2
C+K, more advancing and positioning, some shooting fron khador at my cygnar ally the stalker took out the repenter and ran back out of the way. M+C, repenter ran to the very edge of the objective and in the face of a number of jacks and warbeasts stood its ground and  raised its shield, gravus advanced into a better position to look for opportunities.  siege began his shooting match with the khadorans, repenter, crusader and kreoss just advanced.
Turn 3
C+K, kromac sent his stalker out to eat gravus, who strayed a little too far forward, 'oh what big teeth you aaaaaahhh!!' this triggered warpath on the gnarlhorn which slammed the revenger out of the circle and was then wailed on by a khadoran heavy, suffering suprisingly light damage due to some bad dice and the arm 19.  score 1-1.  M+C, this turn we had to hit hard to kill as many warbeasts and jacks as possible so siege advanced, poped his feat and cast some spells doing dammage, then casting a spell that slammed one of the khadoran heavies into the gnarlhorn knocking them both down,  the cygnar jacks shot the khador heavies almost to death. kreoss then joined in the fun by popping his feat and watching the carnage of stacked feats, the crusader beat the stalker to death, the revenger stood up and lived up to its name by finnishing off the khador heavy.
Turn 4
C+K, pbutcher joined the fray popping his feat and charging in to kill a cygnar jack on the objective clearing it ending the turn with a score of 2-1.  M+C, both casters charged into butcher ending him but exposing themselves dangerously, the crusader ran to get in the face of the crusader to force him to fight or risk a free strike.
Cir, with butcher dead kromac went feral and changed to beast form advanced away and evaded the free strike, then leapt to where siege and kreoss were stood, first targeting siege and killing him, he then popped his feat and began attacking kreoss leaving him with one health after numerous rolls of less than 6 on two dice. Men, Kreoss finished kromac with one swing of the justifyer after.

Thanks for the fantastic game guys I really enjoyed it.

Game 2
Not gonna be a long one this so here go's, another hard battle with a lot of killing on both sides, it was kreoss's feat turn however that changed the tide by killing the warbeasts.   Alan went for the assasination attempt but failed, kreoss charged and missed with his charge attack but hit with the back-swing doing exactly 15 damage killing her.

Thanks for the game alan.

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  1. someone beat Alan at a wargame?

    truly you are our champion! Hopefully the flood gates have been opened!

    gutted i couldn't get down last night, the doubles game sounds like a lot of fun!