Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hulll vs York tourney

Carnage littered many battle fields yesterday as Hull warmachine invaded York.  It was a fun day despite the results, which went as I expected them to.  My first game of the day was against pSkarre and a horde of infantry and for some reason we had to fight over two big circles in the middle of the field.  This game started well as I began to destroy swathes of infantry at a time and was feeling confident, until skarre poped her feat cutting herself for 5.  this was the turn that bastions started to die due to the +5 strength and my opponent managed to snatch a single control point which ended up winning the game for him due to the "dice down" being called during my retaliation turn, much to my annoyance. 

Gaame 2 was a bit of a mirror match as my opponent was using pkreoss, a nasty list with 2 rekoners and 2 vassels.  This mission was a very strange one as to score a control point your caster had to be within 4" of a small flag near the edge of the board and control a large circle in the centre.  This game began much in the same way with me killing much of my opponents army.  The only mistake I made was trying to shoot the 2 rekoners with the errants crossbows in an attempt to trigger enliven, when I should have just charged them in.  Anyway, after I killed lots on my feat turn to control the centre I found kreoss to be 0.5" or less from the edge objective so no control points for me.  My opponent responded with an assasination run on pkreoss's feat turn, killing ekreoss with the remaining rekoner after causing some damage with an errant.

Game 3 had me vs skorne, a faction I have played against once before (but was against a bit of a noob).  Against this vet I simply got owned by stupid tactics that yoyo'd a nasty charachter across the field to kill loads and run back without fear of free strikes or retaliation next turn.  This game also ended with an assasination with a bronzeback slamming my vanquisher, knocking down kreoss and finnishing him off with the same silly character as the first turn. 

Game 4, skourne again (joy), different caster but same sort of dirty tricks, game ended dice down before I could even get a turn 3 in, with my opponent again scoring only a single control point to claim the win.

by the end of the 3rd game it had stopped being fun, mainly due to people just going for the caster kill instead of going for the scenario, leaving me feeling much like a whipping boy for vets with their lists specifically built to go for caster kills (not very sportsman like if you ask me), which beggs the question: What is the point in even playing scenarios when this is the case?  We may aswell have just played assasination games and had done with it.  However I felt better once it was all over, sharing a car home with three other players that lost all four games to and having a good laugh about it all.

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  1. i share your pain bud, was a bit demoralising for me in game two and three, although the guys i played weren't in my face about it or anything it was still a bit of a downer. i really enjoyed gaming against my 1st and 4th opponent though.

    i think we need to work on that idea of scenarios where making a caster kill is an auto loss.