Wednesday, 31 August 2011

More pre-tournament practice

Two games tonight, the first was against a player who I've only seen once before, last time I saw him he was fielding mercs but this time he had retribution.  The second was against another of the guys (who's name I dont know) who is going to York and his cygnar (seige).

Game 1:25pts I did not fancy my chances one bit against this opponent, knowing he is a vetran player and using a faction I had not faced before.  So I expected to get my ass handed to me quickly.
Round 1, Same old story, moving casting spells blah blah blah.

Round 2, ret, In this turn my opponent began systematicaly destroying my errants, this game stopped being fun as I found myself just removing models and being in no position to counter.  Men, attempted to burn a solo with a stupid 4" melee range and was out by 1", I also threw away my feat with only one bastion getting any benefit which was undone next turn as the damage was healed.

Round 3: Ret, things going from bad to worse, my opponent could smell blood and went in for the kill,  there was me thinking kreoss will be ok hiding behind that crusader, turns out I was wrong, very wrong, lirrle did I know his caster had acrobatics and arcane assasin(thats right you heard me), so the 3 focus I kept on kreoss meant nothing and the game ended there.

Game 2: Not looking forward to this one much ether, I've heard plenty of horror stories about siege, and this was a tournement list, where I was playing with what I had at hand and a couple of pieces borrowed from nick.
Round 1:  You know what happens.
Round 2:Cyg, all kinds of tricks, shooting and spell casting and taking objectives. Men, choir sang battle to give the repenter and the crusader +2 +2, enliven on the crusader.  Errants shot at the infantry on the objectives killing only a coulpe, the repenter advanced and flamed the infantry in a foxhole killing three. Gravus charged in killing more infantry and contesting an objective, the crusader advanced to within 6 of ol rowdy and took the counter charge, taking damage and triggering enliven to get me within 4" of another objective and continued to smash ol rowdy causing heavy dammage which was finished off by the bastions.
Round 3:Cyg, siege brought the pain this turn by popping his feat, it basicly gives everyone armour piercing attacks for their first attack.  This took out my repenter and left the crusader on about three boxes left, the bastions also took significant damage and just to rub salt into the wounds eyris (or however you spell it) shot kreoss to stop him getting focus.  Men, in retaliation I decided to advance kreoss and pop his feat catching siege in his control area, one lone bastion made it to siege and killed him in two hits.

Good game.

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